Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mould: Patch the Sky Spring 2017 solo electric gigs

Bob Mould with his band in Seattle in 2014. (Cat Rose photo)

Bob Mould is flying solo electric lately and he'll continue along that path for at least a little while longer on his Patch the Sky Spring 2017 jaunt. He tore through career-spanning sets Feb. 9-10 at the City Winery in New York.

He'll next appear at the Wire Drill festival, which will take place March 30-April 2 at The Echo and Echoplex in Los Angeles.

Then in April time, Mould will add some gigs, including a hat trick at the Turf Club in Saint Paul, MN. Two of the dates are sold out:

APR 15
The Oriental Theater
Denver, CO

APR 17
Turf Club
Saint Paul, MN

APR 18
Turf Club
Saint Paul, MN
**Sold out

APR 19
Turf Club
Saint Paul, MN
**Sold out

APR 21
Thalia Hall
Chicago, IL

APR 22
The Opera House
Toronto, ON, Canada

APR 23
Music Box Supper Club
Cleveland, OH

APR 25
3TEN Austin City Limits Live
Austin, TX

To get you primed, here's Mould's setlists from the recent New York gigs, courtesy of the Husker Du Database:

** Feb. 9 ---

Hoover Dam
Your Favorite Thing
I Apologize
See A Little Light
The End Of Things
The War
The Descent
You Say You
Up In The Air
Voices In My Head
Moving Trucks
Hold On
If I Can't Change Your Mind
Hardly Getting Over It
Too Far Down
Pray For Rain
Lucifer And God
Brasilia Crossed With Trenton
Daddy's Favorite
Black Confetti

Love Is All Around
Makes No Sense At All

** Feb. 10 ---

Hoover Dam
Your Favorite Thing
The End Of Things
See A Little Light
I Apologize
The War
The Descent
You Say You
Up In The Air
Voices In My Head
Hold On
If I Can't Change Your Mind
Hey Mr. Grey
Hardly Getting Over It
Too Far Down
Pray For Rain
Tomorrow Morning
Chartered Trips
In A Free Land
Daddy's Favorite
Black Confetti

Love Is All Around
Celebrated Summer

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tourage: Descendents announce plethora of gigs

The Descendents in Seattle. (Cat Rose photo)

The Descendents have unveiled their “Hypercaffium Spazzinate” 2017 tour dates.

Get on it, folks.

Here’s a choice quote from drummer/songwriter Bill Stevenson from our blog interview last year:

--- What inspires you musically to keep doing this for 38 years?

Ha, ha! You know what's funny is the really base-level, crude answer is one time I asked Keith (Morris) the exact same question, and he just goes, 'Well, Billy, what the fuck else am I gonna do?' (in a spot-on Morris impersonation). And I thought it was so genius, because was being very honest: this is all that I know, this is my life.

With me, I definitely wouldn't phrase it that way, but it's kind of like I have a triple Ph.D. in music, if you will, and so it seems it has proven to be the thing that I excel at and so, as long as I remain enthused, which I very much am, then I have no reason to stop or to question how long I've been doing it. As long as I wake up and wanna hear those Marshall (amps) in my face, which I totally do, as long as that's happening, I can still  play in the Descendents. But maybe I'll wake up one day and it'll be like, 'Hey, man, I'm gonna play drums with brushes and I'm gonna be in a little jazz band and play at the fancy restaurant here in town on Friday.' Who knows?

FEB 26
The Republik
Honolulu, HI

The Catalyst Club
Santa Cruz, CA

APR 21
The Fillmore Detroit
Detroit, MI

APR 22
The Rave / Eagles Club
Milwaukee, WI

Union Hall
Edmonton, AB, Canada

MacEwan Hall
Calgary, AB, Canada

O2 Academy Brixton
London, United Kingdom

Melkweg Indie
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Schlachthof Wiesbaden
Wiesbaden, Germany

Vienna, Austria

JUL 21
The Complex
Salt Lake City, UT

JUL 22
The Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO

The Fillmore Charlotte
Charlotte, NC

The NorVA
Norfolk, VA

AUG 24
The Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Le Métropolis de Montréal
Montreal, QC, Canada

Toronto, ON, Canada

SEP 10
Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
Providence, RI

SEP 22
House of Blues Houston
Houston, TX

The Pageant
St. Louis, MO

The Riviera Theatre
Chicago, IL

OCT 20
House of Blues Orlando
Orlando, FL

OCT 21
The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA

Uptown Theater
Kansas City, MO

Gas Monkey Live
Dallas, TX

Gas Monkey Dallas
Dallas, TX

NOV 17
House of Blues Cleveland
Cleveland, OH

NOV 18
20 Monroe Live
Grand Rapids, MI

Rams Head Live
Baltimore, MD

Starland Ballroom
Sayreville, NJ

DEC 15
Marquee Theatre
Tempe, AZ

DEC 16
Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

They’re also in Australia now:

FEB 16
Hindmarsh, SA, Australia

FEB 17
Capitol Nightclub Murray St Perth
Perth, WA, Australia

FEB 20
170 Russell
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

FEB 22
Eatons Hill Hotel and Function Centre
Eatons Hill, QLD, Australia

FEB 24
Enmore Theatre

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ace smokes through KISS and solo tunes in Seattle

Ace in Seattle. (All Andy photos and videos)

By Andy

As a KISS fanatic in 1978, I was faced with a serious conundrum. I know I wasn't the only KISS Army card-carrying member who was in this predicament, but it seemed liked the weight of the world was on my scrawny 11-year-old shoulders.

While staring at the rows of new releases on Sept. 18 at Music Plus in Hermosa Beach, CA, I had a brutal choice on my rock n' roll plate: Ace, Gene, Paul or Peter? As in which solo album would I purchase with my allowance cash from mowing the family lawn, taking out the trash, etc. I could only afford one of those albums at the time... goddammit, which one would travel home with me?

I scratched my head and went with Ace since he was my favorite band member because he seemed like the most wacky and original of the bunch, plus his riveting guitaristry blew my mind each time I cranked my albums. While walking toward the cashier, an older friend of mine from the baseball diamond spied my Ace album and asked why I didn't grab Gene's. C'mon man, you're making this even harder for me now! But I went with Ace's and it would soon be spinning on my turntable as I grabbed my tennis racket to play some stunning guitar along with my favorite tune "Rip it Out" and the other gems. (I never got the other solo albums, but I did grab Gene's "Radioactive" single, which is awesome.)

I heard from a school pal whose family had the subscription ON TV that he saw a KISS concert on there and was mesmerized by Ace's smoking guitar. I'd seen photos but never caught a clip of the action. Another buddy had actually seen KISS and showed me his photos from the nosebleed seats since I needed proof. I was fucking jealous, of course.

Although I never caught KISS in their heyday, Cat and I along with our friends Linda and Kevin witnessed the original quartet at a glorious concert in San Jose on their reunion tour in 1996. We were a few sections up from the floor on Ace's side of the stage and I was stoked beyond belief to see my main man, The Spaceman, display his guitar wizardry in the flesh.

So, where does this all take me now?

Well, last night Cat and I along with our KISS aficionado friends Gregg, Andrea and Mark who roadtripped it to Seattle from Portland entered Ace land at the Neptune Theatre. Mr. Frehley and his band wailed through my old fave "Rip it Out," plus ragers like "Shock Me," "Rocket Ride," "Parasite," "Cold Gin," "Love Gun," "Deuce," "Detroit Rock City" and much more. Pearl Jam's Mike McCready joined the fray onstage to supply some axework to "Cold Gin" (video clip below).

And yes, there was some smoking guitar action -- right in my face -- as witnessed in the video in this entry. There was flashing guitar as well during "New York Groove" and blistering leads galore, of course.

Ace can still bring it hard, man, and yeah, that solo album still holds up after all these years.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Beggars can't be choosers with guitar straps, but the band oozes forth

The Beggars rage on. (All Cat Rose photos)

By Andy

Broken guitar straps be damned.

Hell, even duct tape can't fix those bastards sometimes.

So, what do you do? You say "fuck it," you grab your six-string off the floor and you carry on with the show. And maybe it's a good thing that the strap crapped out on you. As the emotions flow stronger and the sweat pours profusely down your face while you're holding that guitar in place the best you can... maybe as you spit out those words, the songs take on an even more intense meaning. And as the band crunches on beside and behind you, you guys have reached a whole new cathartic level that came about unexpectedly. And the crowd is eating it up. It's fucking brilliant.

And all because of that stupid guitar strap.

That's The Beggars in full-on oozing, blistering mode at The Funhouse in Seattle last Friday night.

If you were there, you know what I'm spouting about. If not, get out there next time.

Here's some Cat Rose photos of The Beggars in action, plus more from the killer punk n' roll openers, Die Nasty, Communist Eyes and Thee Perfect Gentlemen.





Friday, January 27, 2017

Beefed-up ‘Singles’ soundtrack on the way May 19

Mudhoney and Heart...or Lovemongers  (All Cat Rose photos)

Filmmaker Cameron Crowe said in a press release this week that the stellar soundtrack to his 1992 movie “Singles” was a tribute to the hard-working bands that welcomed him, with open arms, into Seattle to get his camera rolling. The music is still loved by many fans, he added.

Epic Soundtrax and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Singles" with the release of a newly expanded and remastered edition of the soundtrack on May 19.

"The album itself was always designed to be sort of an anti-soundtrack, more like a souvenir and a simple mix-tape of some of Seattle's finest," said Crowe in the release. “Anyway, here we are now revisiting 'Singles,' the film, as well as the soundtrack you hold in your hands, expanded with a special tip of the hat to the fans of the original release.  Included are unreleased and raw elements that helped shape the experience of making the movie back in 1991. Hope you enjoy the trip back as much as I did – Viva Seattle!"

Eddie Vedder

Get ready to dig in to these tracks. Especially cool will be Chris Cornell’s Poncier tunes, with the moniker named after Matt Dillon’s smug rockstar character in Citizen Dick — and oh, yes, “Touch Me I’m Dick” is included:

track listing
1. Would? – Alice In Chains
2. Breath – Pearl Jam
3. Seasons – Chris Cornell
4. Dyslexic Heart – Paul Westerberg
5. Battle Of Evermore – The Lovemongers
6. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns – Mother Love Bone
7. Birth Ritual – Soundgarden
8. State of Love And Trust – Pearl Jam
9. Overblown – Mudhoney
10. Waiting For Somebody – Paul Westerberg
11. May This Be Love – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
12. Nearly Lost You – Screaming Trees
13. Drown – Smashing Pumpkins

Bonus Disc (included in 2CD and 2LP editions)
1. Touch Me I'm Dick – Citizen Dick (first time on CD)
2. Nowhere But You – Chris Cornell (Poncier)
3. Spoon Man – Chris Cornell (Poncier)
4. Flutter Girl – Chris Cornell (Poncier)
5. Missing – Chris Cornell (Poncier) (first time on CD)
6. Would? (live) – Alice In Chains (first time on CD)
7. It Ain't Like That (live) – Alice In Chains (first time on CD)
8. Birth Ritual (live) – Soundgarden (first time on CD)
9. Dyslexic Heart (acoustic) – Paul Westerberg (first time on CD)
10. Waiting For Somebody (score acoustic) – Paul Westerberg (previously unreleased)
11. Overblown (demo) – Mudhoney (previously unreleased)
12. Heart and Lungs – Truly
13. Six Foot Under – Blood Circus
14. Singles Blues 1 – Mike McCready (previously unreleased)
15. Blue Heart – Paul Westerberg (previously unreleased)
16. Lost In Emily's Words – Paul Westerberg (previously unreleased)
17. Ferry Boat #3 – Chris Cornell (previously unreleased)
18. Score Piece #4 – Chris Cornell (previously unreleased)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sleep hits the road; 'The Clarity' on the way from Southern Lord

Matt Pike with Sleep in Seattle. (Cat Rose photo)

As the dope hovered in the air and people inched forward to get just a bit closer to the stage, someone cried out, “Matt Pike for President!”

Pike had just set up shop in front of his mammoth wall of amps at the Showbox in Seattle on a Sunday evening last October and he gazed into the sold-out crowd, nodded his head and smiled.

It was still about two weeks away from election day. Maybe, just maybe, Pike could fill the presidential slot. But nope, we’re screwed… however that doesn’t mean that Sleep can’t still roll into town amidst its Weedian wave of humongous riffs to give the Stoner Caravan a bong-full of tunes to suck upon.

Bring it on, Pike, Al Cisneros and Jason Roeder.

And, oh yeah, “The Clarity” — a monstrous, head-spinning tune — will receive new life on 12” vinyl via Southern Lord Recordings next month.

We witnessed Pike with High on Fire last Saturday at El Corazon in Seattle. It was fucking loud and our teeth were rattling while we leaned against the stage.

Pike was fired up. Get ready.

Jan. 27
With the Melvins at The Fonda Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Jan. 28
With the Melvins at The Fonda Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Jan. 30
At The Granada Theater
Dallas, TX

Feb. 1
At Cannery Ballroom
Nashville, TN

April 19
At First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

April 20
At Majestic Theater
Madison, WI

April 22
At White Oak Music Hall
Houston, TX

April 23
At Decibel Metal and Beer Festival
The Fillmore
Philadelphia, PA

April 30
At Desertfest London 2017
Camden Roundhouse
London, UK

June 3
At Primavera Sound 2017
Barcelona, Spain

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pure Punk Rock Fury: Seattle’s 10-band marathon | Part Two, The Funhouse

Die Nasty (All Cat Rose photos)

So, we're back with another round of rippin' Seattle tunes. If you missed Part One of the 10-band extravaganza, we'll hit repeat on the following intro:

You gotta build up your stamina for nights like these. You know, jog from the car to the club, and then rip through a couple jumping jacks or a few air punches before entering the fray.

When inside, knock down a beer, a Red Bull or a cup of coffee and you should be set to kick off your evening.

Cuz it’s not that often when you’re treated to a full-tilt, 10-band night. It was billed as Pure Punk Rock Fury, and we got that — some unhinged thrashy rock was offered up as well — as we skanked from one stage to the other during the 5 1/2-hour marathon gig last Saturday night at The Funhouse and El Corazon in Seattle.

Throughout the course of the night, guitar strings were attacked, vocal chords were shredded, cameras were clicked, boots were stomped and backs were patted by friends greeting each other or giving props to band members after they exited the stages.

People were clearly stoked to attend this gig. It was one for the ages and showed that Seattle’s got a damn good punk scene that we should all be proud of.

So, here’s Part Two of photographer Cat Rose’s night of shooting all 10 bands. Here, we bring you The Funhouse action.