Sunday, October 14, 2018

Monster Magnet, Electric Citizen and others bring the heavy to Seattle / Cat Rose photos

Monster Magnet, above, and Electric Citizen. (All Cat Rose photos)

First time we witnessed Monster Magnet in the flesh was in 1995 at the Great America amusement park in Santa Clara, Calif., alongside Corrosion of Conformity, Sugar Ray, Ugly Kid Joe and the Toadies.

With the sun out in full force on that day and rockers with their kids in tow, MM's Dave Wyndorf either was or wasn't in top form (depending on one's point of view) when he greeted the crowd with, "I'm fucking tripping!" before the band launched into its heavy set.

Last Wednesday was our chance to get back in the MM skull-hammer groove at El Corazon in Seattle. This time, Wyndorf hurtled onto the stage and screamed, "Yeah, this is the way I fucking like it," to the already revved-up crowd.

Yeah, they tore it up again and we were especially stoked on song No. 3, "Twin Earth," which was our go-to MM blaster whenever we got the party started at our Green House in San Jose back in the day. Cowbell fans unite!

We last saw Electric Citizen in 2014 at El C. with Fu Manchu and continue to be mesmerized by their heavy duty rock action that takes you on a trip throughout the years and across copious musical realms. They continue to snatch up new fans on a daily basis and are rolling stronger than ever.

Dark Sky Choir and Year of the Cobra sunk their teeth into mammoth riffs and melody that perfectly set the stage for Monster Magnet and Electric Citizen.

Cat Rose stood her ground amongst the sweaty throng to grab these photos. Thanks to Laura Dolan from Electric Citizen for the photo pass.





Sunday, October 7, 2018

Top-notch tunes with the Descendents in Seattle / Cat Rose photos

The Descendents in Seattle. (All Cat Rose photos)

"Toil away, and at the end of the day, you can look back on a game well played."

That was the Descendents for you last Friday at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle alongside pals A Wilhelm Scream and Audio Karate.

From "Suburban Home" to the closer "Pep Talk," the Descendents touched upon each of their stellar releases -- along with a treat in "Lucky" -- and gave people hoarse voices, including Milo's, as a result of letting loose throughout the lengthy set.

Here's Cat Rose's photos of the Descendents and A Wilhelm Scream: