Saturday, March 1, 2014

Road-trip time: Checking out Oly's C Average, Survival Knife and The Narrows

C Average. (All Cat Rose photos)

So, it was "business trip" time for the There's Something Hard in There staff on Friday.

Olympia, WA was the city of choice --- and the mixture of loud, soft, angular and all-out rip-roaring rock came from the hands and mouths of C Average, Survival Knife and The Narrows at McCoy's Tavern.

Since we hadn't journeyed from Seattle to Olympia for about eight years, we made the most of what this fine city has to offer: drinks at The Brotherhood Lounge and the China Clipper Cafe (or "Crippler" as the locals call it) and food and more beverages at King Solomon's Reef and the McMenamins Spar Cafe.

Here's what Cat caught from behind her camera lens:




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