Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Arctic Flowers, Arcane, Temple and Medusa Stare | Cat Rose photos

Arctic Flowers. (All Cat Rose photos)

When the goth, post punk and smoke machine calls ... TSHIT must be on hand.

The Georgetown Liquor Company in Seattle was the spot to let loose last Saturday for the solid sounds of Arctic Flowers, Arcane, Temple and Medusa Stare.

AF gets major bonus points for its version of Toxic Reasons' "Dreamer," and Arcane's  tunes reminded us of the legendary Skids, whose latest record, "Burning Cities," was stuck in our heads last weekend.

Here's Cat Rose's photos from the gig:





Saturday, January 27, 2018

Forever came on Friday with The Flesh Eaters in Seattle

Chris D. of The Flesh Eaters in Seattle. (All photos by Andy)

By Andy

Cloaked in darkness, with the stage lights low for most of the gig, Chris D. stood in the center spot where he thrives with The Flesh Eaters.

Possessing piercing eyes with bushy dark eyebrows nestled above, the man firmly wedges people into his world with one stare -- and then his crackling, intense voice seals the deal.

He appears uneasy on stage at times, but then with a hand gripping his hip or hands locked in praying mode or clamped on his head, Chris D. takes full control of the stage and lets loose on the band's sound that's so hard to define: punk, garage, jazz, blues, rockabilly -- you name it, it's in there somewhere. And it's stunning.

In between songs, he smiles and doles out wry comments about the songs and banters with his bandmates. And those players manning the stage with him? The fucking best dudes you could have on your side: John Doe on bass, Dave Alvin on guitar, Bill Bateman on drums, DJ Bonebrake on xylophone/maracas and Steve Berlin on sax/tambourine.

The seminal Los Angeles band first oozed onto the scene in 1977, and Cat and I each caught them a few times in the LA/Hollywood area back in the '80s and '90s.

We were stoked to have Chris D. and his mates in our presence again on Friday night at the Crocodile in Seattle. The crowd packed in tight on the floor and on the balcony, and some goth-type fans' hair could be seen thrashing back and forth during "See You in the Boneyard."

Up on stage, murky moods gave way to fiery energy and then back again -- a tug of war of the senses that was the perfect concoction on the cold, rainy night.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

All revved up at The Seattle Pop Punk Festival / Cat Rose Photos

Headliner BUM rocks out. (All Cat Rose photos)

Who doesn't dig some grinding tunes that also provide a smack of melody?

Well, that's what we dug our boots and Converse into last Saturday at day two of The Seattle Pop Punk Festival at the Highline.

Of course, Kurt Bloch was on the premises while he pogoed about and mugged for the crowd while playing Fastbacks tunes with The K Streets, which also featured original Fastbacker Lulu Gargiulo on guitar and vocals and longtime drummer Mike Musburger.

Also, Date Night With Brian and The Drolls featured members of Sicko, who we're told tore the roof off the fucker on day one. Date Night and Sicko's Ean Hernandez set the festival on its course and was awash with success when the last chord hit.

Solid stuff all around, and here's some Cat Rose photos to document the mammoth, 10-band gig.