Tuesday, March 28, 2023

CH3 packs 40-plus years of punk into one night in Seattle / Cat Rose photos

Mike Magrann of CH3 (All Cat Rose photos)

By Andy

From the swirling riff of the opening anthem "Indian Summer" to the bludgeoning incursion of "I've Got a Gun" to finalize its set, CH3 clawed into its catalogue and left grins cemented on people's faces on an ultra-satisfying March 24 punk-rock evening at the Funhouse in Seattle.

Attendees chipped in with some pogoing and some skanking -- and some crucial assistance with the hollering backup vocals, of course -- to help push the band's stellar offerings to an even higher echelon. They've resonated with us for 40-plus years, always hitting the right spot and rattling our minds in the best way possible. 

Opening the gig and deftly paving the way for CH3's closing set were The Scoffs, Crimetime and Life Rips. Heaps of melody, rage and full-tilt punk rock showered down upon us and marked each solid step that led up to the CH3 crescendo.

Photographer Cat Rose adroitly captured the action throughout the evening: