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Treedeon set to unleash 'New World Hoarder'

Photo by Treedeon

By Andy

Had Cat and I known about Treedeon at that juncture, our hang-out with Yvonne Ducksworth would have certainly lengthened.

On our travels in April of 2013, we navigated our way to the stellar Franken Bar in the Kreuzberg section of Berlin and befriended the bartender, who we soon learned was a fellow American. Ducksworth was stoked on my Die Kreuzen T-shirt, which I had recently procured when the band ripped and shredded apart the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. 

As our discussions about punk and metal continued over a two-hour period, Ducksworth noted that she grew up with our pal Mike IX Williams of EyeHateGod in New Orleans long ago. The talk of raging tunes was supplemented with beers and shots as we and Ducksworth regaled each other with our epic music stories of past and present. 

Killer music filled the air at the Franken -- situated across the street from the legendary SO36 punk club on Oranienstraße -- every step of the way, of course. I rose from my coveted seat on several instances to peruse the plethora of band fliers that were affixed to the bar's walls. All the while, Cat and Ducksworth's voices and laughter echoed throughout the hallowed building and kept me grinning away.

Since Ducksworth's sludge metal/noise unit Treedeon formed that same year, maybe she wasn't ready to unveil her new band onto our musical doorstep. Either way, they remain wedged in listeners' steely ears and will soon hammer their new release, "New World Hoarder," into the mega-heavy realm on March 17 on the Exile On Mainstream imprint.

Pummeling album No. 3 includes the following six pack of tracks that are sure to decimate whatever sound system you choose to ram them into: "Nutcrème Superspreader," "Omega Time Bomb," "New World Hoarder," "Viking Meditation Song," "RhV1" and "Läderlappen."

Along with Ducksworth on bass/vocals, the mighty Treedeon features guitarist/vocalist Arne Heesch -- who also contributed the album's stunning artwork -- and drummer Andy Schünemann. Lutz Baumann ventured into the band's rehearsal space in August 2021 to record and engineer the monolithic offering; Baumann and the band served as twin mixers, and then handed the album over to Stefan Brüggemann for mastering duties. 

Ducksworth imparted an unfeigned account of her enduring musical journey in an Earsplit PR press release to reveal the coming of "New World Hoarder" to the metal masses. It reads, in part:

“I’ve been incessantly attached to music all my life. It has inadvertently guided me throughout. Good times, but more importantly so, through bad times. The existential uncertainty of life on this planet, with these people, who think they are in charge of this fragile bio-system, imposing their stringent political, commercial, and religious views upon all of us; otherwise free and gentle humans, is painfully mind-blowing. I am eternally grateful to be able to be allowed to create music to get me to… every next day. I know I’m not alone with this. I am a firm believer that we need all types of love and art to become sane compassionate human beings… Something I try to work on daily, with mixed results. I’ll always try being as true to my deepest feelings when writing a song."

To watch an album teaser, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38hIdAe19Ao

For release info, click: https://shop.mainstreamrecords.de/product/eom105

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