Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Unearthed Marginal Man photos from 1985 in Sun Valley, CA


Marginal Man going off. (Photos by John Dieter and Dave Benson)

What we have here is pure punk rock gold: Unearthed photos of a raging Marginal Man gig from June 28, 1985 at the Sun Valley Sportsman's Hall in Southern California.

John Dieter and Dave Benson wedged their up front to snap these classic photos that have finally seen the light of day.


Monday, April 25, 2022

Redshift into high gear in Seattle/ Cat Rose photos

Redshift in action. (All Cat Rose photos)

Well, Redshift gave The Kraken a downright proper rattling on April 8.

The Creature on the Seattle gig flyer would surely have emerged from the depths of the Black Lagoon to witness this night of punk/surf/rock ferocity if his schedule allowed for such an appearance.

The 'Shift's Vic Bondi on guitar/vox, Mike Catts on bass and Adam Gross on drums unleashed a sharp set of tunes that will be cemented in our memory banks until the next go-round. They have an album slated to be released soon on the Boss Tuneage imprint, so keep an eye peeled.

Shadow Pattern and Fun Forest completed the bill at The Kraken.

Here's some Cat Rose photos from the evening:


Shadow Pattern

Fun Forest