Saturday, September 30, 2023

Redshift, The Autocratics and Disaster Queen shred in Seattle/ Cat Rose photos

Redshift (All Cat Rose photos)

On the fine eve of Sept. 16, Redshift, The Autocratics and Disaster Queen wielded their instruments with finesse within the confines of Seattle's legendary Blue Moon Tavern, which opened its doors in 1934. Eighty-nine years henceforth, the joint is still a-rippin'.

All Cat Rose photos:




Wednesday, September 20, 2023

RIP, Kent Stax of Scream

Our photo from 2011 in Seattle.

By Andy

It's sad to report that Scream drummer Kent Stax passed away from metastatic cancer on the morning of Sept. 20.

"Kent is the original heartbeat of Scream," the band wrote on its Facebook page.

In 2011, we witnessed Stax smiling and pounding away behind his kit with Scream in Seattle. 

Earlier in the evening while relaxing outside on the old Funhouse patio, he noted that the Stahl brothers -- Pete on vocals and Franz on guitar -- have a crucial bond that gives the band a boost alongside the solid rhythm section of Stax and bassist Skeeter Thompson.

"It's always gonna be good to see them -- I enjoy the shit out of it," Stax said of the band members in a story for this blog. "We'll always be friends. We all get along ... it works -- the chemistry."

At the time, the fearsome foursome of the punk and rock realms released the seven-song "Complete Control Recording Sessions" on Side One Dummy Records.

Stax especially liked the message going on in the new song "Elevate": "Just the idea of a more positive elevation in your mind. It's a very truthful song, as well. But I'm just as happy playing all of them."

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Previously unseen Battalion of Saints photos from 1982

Battalion of Saints in 1982. (All photos by Rich Pleasant)

By Andy

Former Battalion of Saints roadie Rich Pleasant comes through big time with these previously unseen photos from the vault that he snapped at a killer gig at Bob's Place -- Contempo Hall in Los Angeles on June 11, 1982. He drove up from San Diego (Slow Death) with the band for this show, which also featured JFA, The Blades and Wayward Caines.

Here's what I wrote in a previous blog post: Almost didn't get a ride to this one at Bob's Place in a sketchy area of LA. With a crowded car, I offered to ride in the trunk if need be. But, luckily, I scrunched into the back seat and was soon bopping my head along to "I Wanna Make You Scream," "Fighting Boys" and more of the BATS' metalized-punk tunes.

So, check out these epic photos of Chris Smith (RIP) on guitar, George Anthony on vocals, Ted Olson on drums and Dennis Frame on bass.

Special thanks to Dale Pleasant for reaching out to us and planting the seeds for this post.

Setlist from the gig. (TSHIT archives)

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Taking the wild ride with Osees in Seattle/ Review and Cat Rose photos

Osees and unhinged crowd in Seattle. (All Cat Rose photos)

By Andy 

If this place explodes, we'll all die happy.

I penned these words for a song for our home project Mister Quaid regarding a pummeling, bruising and ultra-sweaty epic Minor Threat gig that occurred on July 11, 1982, in San Pedro, CA. It was fucking glorious and unforgettable.

That gig came rushing back to me tenfold on Sept. 10 when the Osees joyfully gouged and battered the throng of pogoers and stage-rushers at Neumos in Seattle. The bristling two-drummer unit, led by flexible ringleader guitarist/vocalist John Dwyer, wedged heaps of smiles into their set and took the crowd on the wildest of rides.  

It wasn't the same type of belligerent battle zone when amped-up skateboarder Jay Adams bit Ian MacKaye in Pedro, or even when a raging Henry Rollins gnashed his teeth at a punk during a blistering Black Flag gig on Dec. 10, 1982, at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

With the Osees' triumphant gig in Seattle, it was clearly a different kind of chaos. It was an ebullient sort of havoc that ruled the packed room and had people singing, swaying and slinging their bodies about to no end -- both individually and as a unifying mass of revelers.

The Osees have their shit nailed down. And the people fucking love it.

Here's Cat Rose's pics from the memorable night along with openers Tissue. Cat diligently maneuvered through the full-throttle crazy crowd to capture these bands in action: