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Schizophonics: Full-throttle rock action in Seattle/ Cat Rose photos

Schizophonics! (All Cat Rose photos)

By Andy

Incessant, unrestrained, high-flying, ground-pounding and belt buckle-shifting ROCK AND ROLL!

That's what you get joyfully barged in your face and cemented into your being when the Schizophonics tote their colossal, swinging show into town. Heaps of smiles and sweat is the end result, my friends. 

The belt buckle, you ask? Well, while clicking through her photos, photographer Cat Rose noticed that unhinged singer/guitarist Pat Beers' pants-gripping accessory had experienced some side-to-side movement whilst he rocked the fuck out at the Substation in Seattle on March 29. Belt buckles beware -- Beers is coming for ya!

Lodged into the support slots were Shark Legs and The Checks, who both perfectly set the stage for the chaos to come.

Here's a plethora of Cat's photos: