Saturday, November 27, 2021

Warish, Deathchant and The Bobby Lees in Seattle / Gig review and photos

Deathchant, top, Warish, middle, and The Bobby Lees. (All Cat Rose photos)

By Andy

Sometimes, the bonus band puts a gargantuan stamp of approval on an already stellar bill. When two bands become three by way of a sizzling, spastic New York powerhouse like The Bobby Lees, you're left with your jaw unhinged and thumping onto the floor.

It was a full-throttle display of punk, garage, metal and rock at the Clock-Out Lounge in Seattle on Nov. 19 thanks to those Bobby Lees and their cranked-up cohorts Warish from San Diego and Deathchant from Highland Park in Los Angeles.

The TSHIT staff and our revved-up crew set up shop in a section nearest the stage and awaited the aural and eye-gouging onslaught. 

You already know that the recent addition to the bill, The Bobby Lees, plastered their tunes into our brains and had our coterie chattering away about their blistering set.

Not long after we came up for air, the Deathchant mayhem sprung into action with hair, arms and legs flying every which way and filling the air with heaps of twin-guitar melody that glued all the adrenaline-fueled exertion firmly into place with the music. 

When the dust had cleared, the headlining Warish three-piece maintained the solid thrust of the evening with a no-frills set of tunes that rolled along smoothly but packed the required amount of bite to get your blood pumping. Heads bobbed and fists shook within the crowd as the band hammered through its repertoire of heavy tunes that were imbued with a sort of laid-back edge. Think Wipers channeling the Adolescents with chunks of psych/stoner rock wedged into the mix. Can't go wrong with that.

Here's some Cat Rose photos to firmly back up my prose: