Tuesday, November 9, 2021

UltraBomb's Canadian dates are postponed; 'Time To Burn' album in the can

UltraBomb: From left, Jamie Oliver, Finny McConnell and Greg Norton. (Joite photo)

By Andy

UltraBomb will have to refrain from lighting its punk-hardcore-power-trio fuse for now.

On Nov. 9, two days before the band's official debut dates in Canada (Ottawa, Toronto and Kingston), Greg Norton, Jamie Oliver and Finny McConnell announced on their social media platforms that the gigs have been postponed "due to problems with the Canadian visa process."

The shows will be rescheduled for February 2022 and all previously bought tickets will be honored when UltraBomb can plug in and unleash the 11 songs they recently recorded for their "Time To Burn" album, which will soon blast its way into eager listeners' ears on Canada's True North Records.

"Exciting times lay ahead and we’re proud as punch to be working with True North," reads a band statement on its website, http://ultrabombmusic.com/

Bassist Norton (Husker Du), drummer Oliver (formerly of the UK Subs) and singer/guitarist McConnell (Mahones) knocked out the album during a four-day "all killer, no filler" session in September at Studio 25 in Berlin. Ten originals will grace the album's grooves, and the guys will tack on a classic punk song to round things out.

While in Berlin, UltraBomb set off an early explosion with a three-song surprise performance on Sept. 16 to cap off McConnell's solo support set for Mad Sin at Astra Kulturhaus. They hammered out some Husker tunes, "New Day Rising," "It's Not Funny Anymore" and "Makes No Sense At All."

Along with the aforementioned Canadian dates, and one in Hamilton, the band -- which has joined Europe's MAD Tourbooking agency -- has gigs on its 2022 docket in Ireland and England.

Here's a quick Q and A with McConnell on all things UltraBomb:

* How and when did you all hook up and launch UltraBomb? 

We formed on July 21, 2021. I saw that Greg had just left his old band (Porcupine), so I asked both him and Jamie if they wanted to form a punk rock power trio and they said yes!!!

* How would you describe UltraBomb's style of music?  

It's all killer, no filler punk rock hardcore. Just what you want and expect from a power trio. Lots of fast amazing songs.

* Is this a tight unit ready to get things rolling?

Hell yeah. As there is only 3 of us and we make decisions very fast and we agree very fast. No fucking around. We are on fire!!!

* What makes this a good time to unleash UltraBomb to the music world? 

I just think punk rock needs some kick ass power punk again, so here we are. I really love punk, and I am really glad we put this band together. It's so exciting for me as a punk rocker.

* Has this been in the works for a while?

The idea of the band was kicking around in my brain for a while, but it was when I saw Greg available was when it kicked into action.

* You've all been in well-known bands before, what do each of you bring to the band from past experiences? 

All 3 of us bring lots of amazing music, energy and punk rock experience to the band. We all worked together so fast, it was like we had been in the band together for years. 

We do plan to record a second album in 2022 while we are on fire. This band is so fun to play in, that I can't wait to write more songs with Greg and Jamie soon!!!

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