Sunday, April 10, 2011

John Waite goes 'Head First' into Babys tunes, other hits in Edmonds, WA

John Waite rocks the acoustic. (Andy photo)
By Cat and Andy

We took a break from our usual dingy-rock-club jaunts last night and ventured to the uppity Edmonds Center for the Arts (WA) to check out former Babys singer John Waite in action.

Here's a rundown:

* Four Babys tunes, including opener "Change" straight into "Back on My Feet Again," and later "Isn't it Time" and closer "Head First." Rockin', even though they were played with just acoustic guitars and bass.

* Bad English hit "When I See You Smile" ... after which Waite playfully ragged on that band's guitarist Neal Schon, which drew laughter from the crowd.

* And, of course, "Missing You" was the showstopper.
From left to right, Hogan, Waite and Hague. (Cat Rose photo)

* Speaking of showstoppers, during the intermission (yes, there was an intermission, apparently for some of the oldies in the crowd to stretch their rickety legs after sitting for the first 45 minutes), the "security guard" -- aka Grandma -- informed us that taking photos was prohibited, but we managed to get off these before Granny's hammer came down.

She mentioned that some people in the crowd complained about the flashes ... not wanting to set off any epileptic seizures, we promptly put the camera away. (Waite and crew didn't seem to mind.)  

* Waite's solid backup band included guitarist Shaun Hague (aka Dane Cook, as Carrie deemed him) and bassist Tim Hogan (aka Joey Ramone -- Carrie again), who also rocked with the Brit on some numbers from his latest successful album "Rough & Tumble."

Later, Carrie jumped the line of people waiting for autographs and photos (including a chick who pulled her pants down and had Waite sign her bum), and said, "Hey, Joey Ramone and Dane Cook, get John and I want a photo of you guys." Unfortunately Joey (Tim) got cut out of the pic, but here it is anyway. Shaun smirked, "Dane Cook?" but agreed nonetheless.

So long, Edmonds, we'll be heading to our typical haunts from here on out, including Darrell's Tavern in Shoreline for Stag's Rock and Roll Circus next Saturday.

Waite and Hague, after show. (Cat Rose photo)

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  1. AWESOME! What a show -- glad there wasn't a huge riot from the flashing cameras. Seems like it was a winner. Sorry we missed it but glad they played some great tunes. Keep it up -- love this blog!

    kristin aka little sister