Saturday, October 22, 2011

Here come the Replacements: Actually, a Seattle all-star tribute at the Comet Tavern

Guy wearing a vintage T-shirt at the Comet. (Cat and Andy photos)
Henry was in town last night -- the real Henry Rollins, signing copies of his new book in the Seattle area, over in nearby Lake Forest Park.

At the packed-to-the-hilt Comet on Capitol Hill, there were no Replacements sightings, but a local all-star tribute to the beloved Minneapolis indie rockers would have made Westerberg, Stinson, Stinson, Mars and Dunlap proud. There were punks, drunks and plenty of 'Mats tunes from all eras to satisfy the City Arts Festival crowd.

Guys in the crowd rock out to Replacements tunes.
So, let's hear it for members of The Fastbacks, The Cops, Hearts Are Thugs, Virgin Islands, Cataldo, Concourse d'Elegance, Black Whales and more -- you punched your ticket as honorary Replacements for the evening.

Overheard at the gig: One guy telling a friend, "I can't wait ..... I can't hardly wait." One gal saying about one of the artists, "He fucked that one up" ... as if Westerberg ever got it right.

Hearts Are Thugs, featuring Greg, top, and guest Kurt Bloch, below.
In honor of the Replacements festivities, here's a pair of reviews Andy wrote for the San Jose State University newspaper in 1989 during the "Don't Tell a Soul" era.

Click both to enlarge. Sorry for the spacing problems on the bottom one.
Promo shots from the Cat and Andy collection.

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  1. I love that you got a pic of the guy who threw his full beer at the stage! He was sooooo into it I think he might have threw a few full beers. One of them I caught and threw back! (Go, ME!) hahahha