Monday, February 4, 2013

Rock blow out! Sonics and Mudhoney / Live Review

Singin', dancin', stompin' and wine drinkin' make for a killer evening with the Sonics and Mudhoney at the helm, but they also call for an early bedtime for some of the older rockers in the crowd.

On Saturday night, the two groundbreaking bands paired up for a sold-out gig at the Showbox near their home environs in Seattle. The Sonics started cranking out their tunes in Tacoma in the '60s, while Mudhoney cut its teeth at dingy clubs down the street from the Showbox in the '80s.

In 2013, a Sonics/Mudhoney gig finally comes to fruition and everyone involved is stoked beyond belief.

Here's a rundown:

• People eager to get their evening going — and work off their early-bird dinner special — start lining up at the club a while before the doors open at 7.

• Mudhoney hits the stage exactly at 8. They start out slow, leading us to wonder if they're watering down their set so they won't raise the attendees' blood pressure too high.

• Mark Arm and crew hit their mark about five songs in with "In 'N' Out of Grace" and roll from there. At one point, Arm falls over backward and knocks over a mic stand near the drum kit. Later, he asks drummer Dan Peters to extend "Tales of Terror" so he can bolt backstage to refill his wine glass.

• The Sonics rip into their opener, "Cinderella," at about 9:30 and original members Gerry Roslie (vox/keys), Rob Lind (sax/harp/vox) and Larry Parypa (guitar/backing vox) are grinning ear to ear at the wild crowd reaction.

• Up in front of the stage, one lady — presumably related to one of the band members since she's allowed in front of the barrier — dances up a storm while holding her wine glass. There's no spillage the entire time as she balances her grooving with her drinking.

• Bassist Freddie Dennis (a cross between William Shatner and Patton Oswalt) doesn't do anything fancy with his playing, but he keeps the band rolling with a steady, thumping sound.

• Closing out the hour long set is …. you got it — "The Witch." Stellar!

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