Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fans check in with the Descendents

Milo Aukerman (All Chris Shary photos)

In part two of our Descendents October blog-age, here we've got a sampling of the Q and A the band did on Reddit this week (questions are from fans who wrote in):

Seems like your songs have always been the perfect soundtrack to my life. Any truth to the rumor of a new album in the works?

Bill Stevenson:
We're getting there -- getting our songs organized -- inching our way toward a finished record.

First of ALL, thank you for playing the way you play. This question is for Stephen: Everybody is always talking about your guitar sound on the "Everything Sucks" album, but I've always taken a shine to your "Pummel" sound. Could you gear geek a little about that?

Stephen Egerton:
Thanks! On "Pummel" I used my old Dan Armstrong guitar (RIP), with a JCM900 on one side and a Mesa Tri-Axis on the other. Both went through an old no-name cabinet with EV12L speakers. No effects in the guitar path, except a volume pedal, which I used for "This World," and a couple other parts.

Karl, Bassmaster General, when did you learn to play the bass? How do you come up with such imaginative runs/basslines?

Karl Alvarez:
I started playing bass at 18 in Stephen's band the Massacre Guys. I was fortunate enough to play with very talented players who were kind enough to permit me to learn the ropes. As far as influences go, both Dukowski and Kira from Black Flag are huge, as is Mike Watt -- this is direct stuff. The more indirect influences are Geezer Butler, Felix Pappalardi, Paul McCartney and, of course, Mr. James Jamerson. The bass lines I use are like little mental viral infections; I have no Idea how I come up with most of them.

From top: Stevenson, Egerton and Alvarez

Do you guys ever play "One More Day" live? And if so, is it tough for you Bill?

We haven't played "One More Day" -- but, yes, sometimes those sorts of lyrics can sort of stir things up a bit. "Scary Sad" does that to me still.

Hi Milo, which is cooler: being in a popular punk band or being a biochemist?

Milo Aukerman:
Hmmm, I used to think being a biochemist was cooler...but lately I've been enjoying the band stuff so much more. It's like "Coolidge" was written about my science career: "I'm not a cool guy anymore..."

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