Friday, September 11, 2015

Teenage Time Killers pack an explosive punch, set for epic LA gig

By Andy

While standing in the kitchenette of the Corrosion of Conformity Blind RV in May following the band's gig at Studio 7 in Seattle, singer Karl Agell grinned and pushed play on the stereo.

His howling vocals were sent to bed for the evening in the live setting, but they threatened to tear a hole in the poor RV when the track "Devil in This House" from the Teenage Time Killers Greatest Hits Vol. 1 was unleashed on the half dozen people sitting 'round.

When the tune expired and we were left in a brief moment of silence, Agell humbly noted that he thought the song was a good one.

A member of opening band Lody Kong, glanced at Agell and uttered the only crucial word necessary: "Sick."

Agell's song and 19 others, featuring a stunning host of musicians on the blowtorch-in-your-face TTK release would not see the light of day for another three months, but he and Reed Mullin -- the Pied Piper behind the project -- were amped to get that mega-ton of tuneage into people's ears.

COC man Mullin poked at his phone before the gig, chuckled and beamed with pride while showing us a TTK collage photo of all the critical cogs in the massive metal/punk wheel that brought the project to life.

"Look, there's Dave (Grohl), there's Lee (Ving), there's Randy (Blythe)..." said Mullin while nudging his elbow into my ribs.

Mullin with COC's Woody Weatherman at the Maryland Deathfest in 2011. (Cat Rose photo)

The guy is damn proud of his accomplishment and he'll bring many of the TTK musicians on stage with him Saturday night at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles for the gig of a lifetime.

He'll be amongst good friends for this one, and I even saw a photo of his dad next to the Foo Fighters' wall of amps on Friday before the musicians rehearsed at Grohl's Studio 606 in Northridge.

Along with Mullin, the epic gig will feature Agell, Blythe, Ving, Mick Murphy, Corey Taylor, Neil Fallon, Tommy Victor, Vic Bondi, Phil Rind, Ron Beam, Tony Foresta, Clifford Dinsmore, Tairrie B. Murphy, Jonny Webber, Pat Hoed and Trenton Rogers.

So, what do ya get on the TTK release on Rise Records?

Well, simply put, the songs are explosive and thought provoking, and should be part of one's musical rotation post haste.

A taste of what's inside:

You've got the rage of singers Blythe ("Hung Out to Dry"), Dinsmore ("Power Outage"), Murphy ("Clawhoof"), Jello Biafra ("Ode to Sean Hannity"), Ving ("Big Money") and many others, along with the raw, melodic vocal offerings from Pete Stahl ("Plank Walk"), Matt Skiba ("Barrio") and Aaron Beam ("Your Empty Soul"). Mullin drums and also roars on a pair of stunners ("Exploder" and "The Dead Hand"), and he also enlisted folks like Brian Baker and Pat Smear on guitar along with Grohl on bass.

It's killer stuff. That is all.

P.S. Mullin gets punk points by pairing a Rudimentary Peni song with a Cockney Rejects album title.

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