Saturday, November 14, 2015

L7, Dag Nasty and OFF! -- you can't beat that at Fun Fun Fun Fest | Day 3

OFF!, top, and L7 below (All TSHIT photos)

The There's Something Hard in There staff took a well-deserved vacation to check out Austin's first-rate Fun Fun Fun Fest on Nov. 6-8 at Auditorium Shores.

We set up shop mainly on the Black Stage, the heaviest and rowdiest spot around, and also ventured out to some post-fest gigs at the Mohawk, Sidewinder, Elysium and 611 East 7th (the former Red 7).

Here's some images from Day 3, taken with a point-and-shoot since we couldn't bring our SLR along for the ride.

Favorites L7 and Dag Nasty were a long time coming for us and a pummeling from OFF! is always a good thing. Cat was especially stoked on L7, a band she witnessed live many times in the early to mid-'90s. They opened with "Deathwish" and knocked off the 12-song set with "Fast and Frightening" -- ruling!

Dag Nasty killed it, as well. Photos were hard to come by while Andy was thrashed in the pit and sang along, so these will have to do, including a posterized one. Fortunately, John White has come through in the clutch with some additional shots. Thanks!

So, with Dag you had Shawn Brown running the show on vocals along with Brian Baker on guitar, Colin Sears on drums and Roger Marbury on bass. See setlist below... we were also treated to Minor Threat and Swiz tunes. Bliss.



John White photos, top and bottom.



  1. how did the cortner era songs sound with shawn on vox?

  2. Lewdd-- they sounded great! Everyone up front dug it! cheers