Sunday, May 8, 2016

Piggy's last squeal at Vancouver's Astoria

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As the punk rock carousel turned, these were the days of Piggy's lives.

On Friday night, Vancouver, BC's beloved Piggy turned up the knobs and shook the amps one last time at the legendary Astoria.

We made the trip up from Seattle to witness the gig, which featured a plethora of members, past and present. Singers, guitarists, drummers and keyboardists all took their turns at squealing for the crowd, slamming through the solid, chaotic set, which concluded with guitarist Ron Reyes -- who handed in his retirement papers -- and members of Piggy and Sexy Decoy (last show, as well) fittingly covering Cheap Trick's "Auf Wiedersehen."

Word on the street is that Ron received a gold watch for a job well done during his lengthy musical career. (Just kidding, but Mr. Reyes has definitely secured tenure status.)

Thanks for the memories... oink, oink!

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