Friday, August 26, 2016

Find the bands: Descendents come ‘Full Circle’

Check it out, look inside the Descendents’ song “Full Circle” and you’ll locate some seminal punk bands that made an impact on songwriter Milo Aukerman and his crew.

“Full Circle”

X marks the spot on the map where the treasure was found
A glint of brilliance when we all started to dig underground
We got bad reception down there, like we were from or on Mars
But everything became so clear, once I got all four bars

And now I’ve come full circle
Crash landing 1980
Time travel to the creepy crawl
The big crux of intensity
Keep me alive

Once I saw it with my own eyes, everything started shifting gears
I listened to the true sounds of adolescence and had no fear
Just an alley cat, looking for some skank in the danger zone
And if I had one more minute, man, this is the last thing I wanna hear


Notes and chords mean everything to me
Infected for life, I’ve got the disease
Like germs spreading throughout the land
If you were there, you understand
Keep me alive

X marks the spot on the map where the treasure was found

(Note: Insert Black Flag in a few spots.)

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