Saturday, May 6, 2017

EyeHateGod's Williams returns to the stage following liver transplant surgery | Interview

Mike IX Williams with EyeHateGod in Seattle. (Cat Rose photo)

By Andy

It's great to have Mike IX Williams in this world.

He's battled back from serious health issues and said that music was one of the driving forces that has kept him going. He was in the hospital for an extended period late last year, and on Dec. 14, 2016, he underwent a successful liver transplant surgery.

Friends and fans of the EyeHateGod vocalist have supported Williams not only with their positive vibes and prayers, but by donating a total of $76,913 to date to help pay for his mounting medical bills.

Last month, the always intense Williams returned to the stage with EHG at the Berserker IV fest on April 14 in Pontiac, Mich., and the band also blew doors off venues in Philly and Brooklyn the following two nights. More dates are on the docket in the upcoming months.

Williams celebrated his 50th birthday that weekend. He's doing well health-wise, he tells us, and is stoked to be back on stage.

Here's a candid Q and A with Williams:

** How does it feel being back on stage with EHG?

Mike IX: Well obviously it feels fucking great man. I was a goner, I was having multiple organ failure due to my liver being completely toasted, so fighting my way out of that vicious gang war and living to tell the tale makes life all the much more enjoyable now. One of the things always in my mind when I was sick for ever how many or so years, was surviving to play music, write music, hear music and just live music as I have been my entire life...

** What were your thoughts before taking the stage ... and then during the shows? 

Mike IX: The usual rush of nerves, excitement, overall feeling of happiness really. The fact that I'm still doing this band after 30 years is immense. I've been in bands since I was 15 & to be able to do what I love through thick & thin makes the world seem brighter in some spots. There's still always reasons for anger, especially with the events in our American government as of late.

** How are you feeling following the surgery? 

Mike IX: Amazing. Better than I've felt in ages. I'm also not drinking booze at all and that doesn't hurt my well being much either. I've been sober over a year and a half. EyeHateGod are just gonna continue to tour and rip clubs to pieces & that's just all we wanna do. We have songs written for a new album, it's just a matter of time before we get our asses in the studio to lay down some tape. 2018 is our 30th anniversary as a band & we will be touring the earth non stop!

People can help Williams and his family out by donating to:

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