Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Getting crazy with Piggy and pals in Vancouver, BC

Birthday boy Ron Reyes rocks with Piggy. (All Cat Rose photos)

By Andy

My mind was dead set on singing the chorus, but my feet weren’t warned of the impending dance floor of doom.

When Piggy tore into “Slap Me Silly” on Saturday eve at Pub 340 in Vancouver, BC, I was off on my mission. I blasted through the crowd and approached singer Izzy Gibson to share some mic time, but then my shoes slipped on the beer-soaked floor, I tumbled and my right elbow met with the concrete. Yes, I took a fucking digger for the There’s Something Hard in There team.

“Slap Me Silly,” for sure.

Someone from the crowd grabbed one of my arms and Gibson handled the other one and I was up and at ‘em. You bounce right back and sing that chorus like you own the damn thing.

The body was a little sore the next day, but nothing a lifetime of punk rock gigs can’t handle, right?

So, yeah, Piggy ripped it up at a reunion gig to celebrate guitarist Ron Reyes’ birthday, and there was no way that Cat and I would pass up a road trip from Seattle to join in on the shenanigans alongside bassist Lissafur Lloyd and drummer Craig McKimm.

The tuneage from the Pigsters is always killer, and way better than the "Ave, Maria" dross they were playing on the juke up the street at the country dive bar/toothless convention/alternate dimension. Really, somehow religion made its way into the beer drinking -- hands were held and even a sign of the cross was made. At least a rockin' tune or two interrupted the service, and crazy dancing and even some motorized wheelchairing ensued on their dance floor. Amen?

Gibson planted herself on the drum seat for opener The Hater Game and they stuck it to us with a soulful, gritty set that featured potent slivers of funkjazzrocketc that got the crowd going in the band's debut gig. Just perfect to kick off the wild evening.

Reyes later took the mic and ripped through a batch of Rolling Stones covers with Richard Duguay and his Hellhounds. Rebel Priest brought things home in the final slot -- sorry we couldn't stick around, but our beds at a nearby hotel were calling us.

Cheers to all!




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