Sunday, June 3, 2018

Scabies. Gray. Elliott. Agnew.: Professor and the Madman to play London gig

Clockwise from upper left: Paul Gray, Sean Elliott, Rat Scabies and Alfie Agnew. (Courtesy of Professor and the Madman)

By Andy

The seemingly elusive OC/UK live matchup of musicians that collaborated on the latest Professor and the Madman album is etched on the docket at the legendary 100 Club in London on Aug. 10.

Sean Elliott and Alfie Agnew will soon hit the stage with their PMM colleagues, who played on the OC-revered "Black" album by The Damned -- Rat Scabies and Paul Gray -- to roll through a set of tunes that are birthed from the realm of The Damned, DI, Adolescents, TSOL, the Beatles, Pink Floyd and others.

“Playing in England is very special, as the vast majority of our musical influences come from there, one of the very biggest influences being The Damned," Agnew noted in an email. "So, playing with Paul and Rat is just insanely cool! And to do it at the storied 100 Club ... wow! There really isn’t more we could ask for!”

Added Elliott via email: "I can't wait to hear it live with those two...It's going to be great."

The OC guys both supplied vocals, keyboards and guitars to "Disintegrate Me," which features Scabies' and Gray's drum and bass tracks (for eight of the 10 songs) sent over from England and Wales, respectively.

Gray chipped in via email about Professor and the Madman:

"'Nightmare' was the first track they sent over. I immediately knew how to approach it and I laid down a dark, sinuous and melodic bass part. I loved it. The rest of the songs that followed blew me away. They’re really clever writers, lots of surprising and unusual twists and turns that keep things interesting, but very accessible and melodic at the same time. They keep me on my toes that’s for sure!

"(It's) both a pleasure and a challenge to be involved. I groove off melodies, and these guys have them in spades."

Elliott and Agnew have played live with Scabies before in California, and met Gray for the first time in Las Vegas in April. It will be the OC duo's initial gig with the Rickenbacker-swinging Gray in London.

On the Vegas meeting, Gray said: "We got on great. Very bright and friendly guys. Sean was kind enough to show me and my family the sights of Vegas and the Hoover Dam."

Click here for an interview with Agnew from our blog.


  1. Wonderful that they are playing the home of Punk rock in England get along for this very special night !

  2. Agreed, Kevin. Will you be attending the show? We wish we could.