Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Let's get loud with The Convictions, WORWS, Dreadful Children and The Cutthroat Brothers in Seattle/ Cat Rose photos

The Convictions unleashed. (All Cat Rose photos)

By Andy 

How did the poor stage at the Funhouse survive the massive trampling it endured from the 12-footed unhinged beast known as The Convictions?

From the initial chords that machine-gunned forth from their three guitarists and sole bassist to the devilish-grinning drummer to the clothes-peeling and unglued vocalist, this noisy lot clearly stoked some of the veteran attendees of gig madness at its Aug. 14 performance. On the flipside, you could tell that some innocents -- who strolled in from the El Corazon side and awaited a much-tamer Agent Orange later -- were virgins to this sort of aural beating. 

Yes, it was beyond fucking loud. It was sweaty. And it was perfect.

Here's a final dose of Cat Rose's photos from that blistering night, which included stellar sets from WORWS, Dreadful Children and The Cutthroat Brothers:





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