Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From San Jose to Seattle: Rock N' Roll Weekend

Orange Goblin's bassist Martyn Millard (Cat and Andy photos)
Witchburn's Jamie Nova.
By Cat Rose

We thought we would need a break from shows after our band-filled vacation, but that was not the case.  After just getting back, we were ready for more rock n’ roll with cousin Eric and his girlfriend Laura (from San Jose), who came to stay with us over the weekend in Seattle.

We kicked it off seeing Orange Goblin again. We did not even know they were playing, as we had not looked at the music listings, and lo and behold, here they were locally gigging Friday night, June 10, at Studio 7.  Of course, we had to go see the UK stoner rockers again, and we met up with friends Jeb and Angela (and their bud Bowie) with Eric and Laura in tow for the show.  We arrived, and psych-rockers/bearded wonders Naam (from Brooklyn, NY) were playing, followed by some Saint Vitus-esque doom from Gates of Slumber (Indianapolis, Ind.)....and then Goblin using Slumber's drum kit.  Goblin rocked just as hard as they did at the Maryland Deathfest, which was one of their first nights on tour. It was only fitting that we got to see them the last night of their trek in Seattle also. "Round up the Horses", mates.

Then the next day, we went to the Georgetown Carnival and were stoked by the bands we saw: proto-grungers Feast (from the Seattle class of '86), Pilot to Bombardier (think Quicksand on steroids), the always-reliable, hard-rockin' Witchburn, the goth-like Titanium Sporkestra Marching Band (which tore into Slayer's "Reign in Blood") and more.
A Feast for the vocal cords.
Bombardier axeman gets intense.
We also sprinkled in taking the guests to the Maritime Brewery (or Little Jollys as we call it), Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack and the EMP (Experience Music Project Museum) for Nirvana’s exhibit. The exhibit was underwhelming for us– not much we did not already know.  In fact, the "guide" told us we could listen to the punk records ( like Black Flag, Scream and Wipers...etc) they had on the wall from Krist Novoselic's collection with the headphones.  We confirmed to him that was not necessary as we have 95% of those records in our collection at home.
Titanium dudes "Reign in Blood"
Before EMP, we took them to one of Eric's favorites, the famous Five Point (where the meal just does not taste right without some metal and punk blasting from their kick-ass jukebox).  Finally, we stopped in at the Funhouse (a classic punk bar/venue) for a single jello shot and beer to see Eric and Laura off.  Prost!
Beer-garden fun with Eric and Laura.