Sunday, November 6, 2011

A chaotic night with Sirhan Sirhan, Rabbits and more at Seattle's Funhouse

Booze from Portland's Rabbits attacks his guitar. (All Cat Rose photos)
One band definitely offered up songs about drinking lots of booze and hating people.

Another group may or may not have unleashed a batch of tunes about pretzels and cocaine.

In the grand scheme of things, who cares, right? What counts is that Sirhan Sirhan, Android Hero, Rabbits and Deadkill brought the noise last night to Seattle's Funhouse. Punk, metal, doom and tons of gloom in the Black Flag, No Means No, St. Vitus and Fugazi veins made it for a worthwhile night out on the town.

Here's some Cat Rose pics to exhibit the madness:

Bryan leads Seattle's Deadkill.

Rabbits' Sethro.
More Rabbits: KG and Booze.

Android Hero from Sequim, WA: McFly, left, and McNulty.

Android's Nell gets some air.
Final four: San Diego headliner Sirhan Sirhan -- Jason, Alex, Jeremy and John.

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