Saturday, November 5, 2011

Husker Du album poll: They're all solid, but 'New Day Rising' takes top spot

Definitive Husker Du live shot. (Steve Wainstead photo)
Do you remember Husker Du?

Answer: How can you forget them?

We at There's Something Hard in There conducted a poll on our Facebook page, asking readers to chime in with their favorite Husker album. Cat went with "New Day Rising," and Andy tagged "Everything Falls Apart."

A mere twenty-three votes overall, and "New Day Rising" took the top spot with six votes.

To round out the list, "Zen Arcade" (5), "Flip Your Wig" (5), "Warehouse: Songs and Stories" (3), "Candy Apple Grey" (2), "Everything Falls Apart" (1) and "Metal Circus" (1). Sorry "Land Speed Record" and "The Living End" -- but no one will deny that Husker was a blazing live act ... one of the best around.

Here's a few comments from our voters:

* There's only one correct answer: "ZEN ARCADE"! (Mike Vinikour--Downers Grove, Ill.)

* It seems unfair to pick against most of these albums, but "New Day Rising" gets my vote because it completely opened up the Husker Du catalogue to me. (Mike McNulty--Waltham, Mass.)

* "Metal Circus" for me, although impossible to choose really... but I really like the guitar sound on "Metal Circus." (Simon Way --town unknown, but he's a guitar-pedal aficionado)

* Love the entire "Metal Circus"-"Zen Arcade"-"New Day Rising"-"Flip Your Wig" sequence, but I'm going with "Wig" for sentimental reasons. (Paul Hilcoff--Boxborough, Mass.)

As a bonus, here's some of Andy's Husker reviews from his high-school and college papers from back in the day... remember, this was a long time ago, so forgive any mistakes. Enjoy.

Quote courtesy of Flipside fanzine

Quote from Andy's conversation with Bob outside of Roxy.

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