Monday, December 5, 2011

Another Raucous Rock & Roll Circus at Darrell's Tavern

Hard Roller's Jonah Bergman (All Cat Rose photos)

When we browsed through the vinyl section at the “fabulous” Jackpot Records in Portland, OR, recently, Cousin Eric scored the 1972 debut album from Captain Beyond, featuring Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly guys.
On Saturday, Hard Roller – with Presidents of the United States of America guitarist Andrew McKeag at the helm – grooved through some of those rockin’ Captain Beyond-type sounds at Stag’s Rock & Roll Circus 6 at Darrell’s Tavern in Shoreline, WA. After sending off a text to Eric in San Jose, CA, about Hard Roller’s tunes that evening, he replied: “Sick!”

Not a bad way to describe the entertaining hard-to-soft, pop/rock/mod sets by Hard Roller, Stag, Gavin Guss, The First Times and The Sterling Loons.
Here’s some more action-packed Cat Rose pics to prove that the good times do indeed roll at Darrell’s:

Stag's Lincoln Barr

Stag's Steve Mack up top ...

.... and bottom half while jumping, with Barr to his side.

Stag's Ben London, left, and Pete Nordstrom

One attendee dancing hard to Stag.

From left, The First Times' Shane Herrell, Jason McAllister and Travis Morrison.

The Sterling Loons' Eamon Nordquist.

Dave Fox, left, and Gavin Guss

The Gavin Guss band's drummer Dusty Hayes.

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