Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting down with The Basements, Piggy and The Fucking Eagles in Seattle

Kurt Bloch joined The Fucking Eagles on tambourine. (All Cat Rose photos)
High-energy, rabble-rousing garage rock, R&B, punk, etc. were the name of the game when The Basements, Piggy and The Fucking Eagles blasted the Funhouse crowd last Friday evening in Seattle.

The Basements featured Carmella on vocals, Kurt Bloch on drums and Jim Sangster on guitar; former Black Flag singer and Red Cross drummer Ron Reyes went the guitar route with Piggy; and former Seaweed bassist John Atkins led The Fucking Eagles on guitar and vocals.

After digging on The Basements' version of the Sonics classic, "The Witch," Cat chatted with Bloch after the show and quipped, "Hey, you played 'The Witch,' just like your brother did with WOOL."

Bloch: "Oh, yeah, that's right. But you gotta remember, living in Seattle, everyone played that song when they were in a band at (age) 16."

Here's some of Cat's pics galore of the night's festivities:




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