Friday, February 21, 2014

Drop the damn puck -- it's hockey day

The Hanson Brothers from 1977's "Slap Shot." (Courtesy photo)

In less than an hour, Team USA and Canada will get their hockey on in the men's Olympic semifinal matchup in Sochi.

It's gonna be big-time hockey, so let's get fired up for the game with some appropriate tuneage.

But before we let the punk-rock puck drop, Andy will take us back to 1986 for a quick tale of his experience playing the sport with members of SNFU:

Following an epic gig at a roller-skating palace in Oxnard, Calif., with Corrosion of Conformity, SNFU, Bl'ast! and Honor Role, the Canadian guys were up for knocking the puck around afterward. Guitars, amps and drums were shoved into the SNFU van, hockey sticks appeared and we were ready to roll. A couple of us were passing the puck around on the roller-skating floor when one of the SNFU guys decided to rip a shot at another dude playing goalie against the wall. The shooter tore into the puck and put it through a window.... SMASH! Before the dust had cleared, the SNFU guys bailed, hopped in their van and jammed out of there. I can't remember if I took the blame or not, because I was still there, but I'm pretty sure the roller-rink guys knew the SNFU guys were behind it all. But what a shot it was!


  1. Dont forget Propagahndi's "Resisting a Tyrannical Government"