Sunday, February 22, 2015

Takin' the manic ride on punked-up skateboards

The author's board.

By Andy

I was no Z-Boy, that's for sure. Not even close, man.

Alva, Adams, Peralta and the others would have laughed me out of town.

However, I could get my skateboard going at my own pace and have a blast while riding The Strand along Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo as a youngster. My friend Sean and I "bombed" the mammoth hills by my home in Redondo without flinching (well, maybe a little bit at first). I couldn't ride the ramps as well as my buddy Brian or shred the bowls like the ragers at Skateboard World in Torrance, but who cares?

Skating for me was something to do during those Southern California summers, and it usually involved music, as well: everything from Boston to Zeppelin to Black Flag to Minor Threat. You can't beat that.

So, here's some old-school, stickered-up punk boards and more for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to everyone for participating and to Bill Tuck for this blog idea.

Bill Tuck's.

Scott Hill's.

Erin Mountain's. Top and bottom.

Michael Essington's homemade Misfits board.

Rob Economy's.
Courtesy of Eric VonArab (board on left features Love Canal and Plain Wrap stickers).

Sean Harris skating in New Orleans in 1987 wearing a Corrosion of Conformity T-shirt.

The author's board, front.

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