Friday, February 26, 2016

Donate to John Stabb Boycott Cancer fund

Courtesy of Dischord Records Web site, Jim Saah photo.

On Feb. 6, Government Issue vocalist John Stabb was diagnosed with malignant stomach cancer in addition to having two intestinal tumors removed through his surgery the week before.

To help raise money to cover medical and living expenses for Stabb, visit,

Here’s an excerpt from an interview we did with Stabb a few years ago:

**Who influenced you as a singer and energetic frontman? What about the clothes-- where did your fashion sense come from? What were some of your more memorable outfits?

Well, it would all depend upon what time frame or recording for me. "Legless Bull" was me being Jello Jr. because I worshipped at the altar of Dead Kennedys.

"Boycott Stabb" was my infatuation with all thing Jack Grisham (TSOL) and that went for my thrift-shop chic. I'm proud to be the only "Clown Prince of WDC Punk" in the early '80s when most of my punk-band friends were just sporting your basic T-shirt and jeans. I also dug Nick Cave's hairstyle so that's when the "Cave-wave" kicked in. I loved The Birthday Party like nobody's business!

I was still confusing the punk-rock troops by "Give Us Stabb or Give Us Death" being a Mock-star with my cheesy '80s metal outfits. I thought I was looking like Stephen Pearcy (RATT) with all my make-up, bad perm and fringy wardrobe but ended up resembling some silly "Rocky Horror" (ugh!) fan. Or for any of you readers from the mid-'70s ... Mac Davis-ha!

And I think everyone who listened to "You" could tell I was heavily influenced by Dave Vanian. I even wanted G.I. to start sounding like The Damned. I certainly can hear it vocally and musically on that record, as well as the "S/T" one.

Too many memorable outfits to name but the gem I wore opening up for The Misfits was an electric neon-green (in the spotlight it could sear the human eye!) tuxedo with tails over a large white with red polka-dotted dress shirt. I think that one left a great impression upon Danzig and his Groovie Ghoulies thinking I looked like a fucking clown. I succeeded in irritating a few folks and entertaining the rest that evening. I was very proud of myself that night!

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