Sunday, February 14, 2016

Jon Bunch memorial concert set for March 20

By Andy

In honor of Jon Bunch (RIP), here's some lyrics from one of his bands War Generation that strike a chord with all of us who grew up in the early '80s hardcore scene. Or any scene from any era.

Alone in our rooms yeah we'd listen to records
MDC and 7 Seconds
schooled us on the rules of the streets yeah
Summer heat and Hardcore beats yeah

Those records vibe and they kept us alive
when we were free to fuck up
Ahead of our time you were always behind
Thought we could never keep up?
It was Hardcore Love running through our blood
But you never knew and you'll never know
The Hardcore Love running through our blood... that's right
No one to listen, we'd put on a record
No one to talk to, we'd put on our records
They're after you, what are you gonna do yeah?
The one thing to turn to get us through yeah...

Yeah we were right... right all along
Yeah we were right, yeah you were wrong
Yeah we were right... right all along
Yeah we were right, yeah you were wrong

While Bunch was digging into records in his Harbor City, CA bedroom, I was doing the same thing in nearby Redondo Beach. On many days, I'd sit with my siblings or friends and we'd spend countless hours blasting tunes, poring over lyric sheets and then trying to figure out riffs on our guitars.

We were in it for the long haul on those days. Those lyrics and tunes would help shape our personalities and give us some guidance into dealing with life outside of those bedroom walls with our stereo speakers "maxed out on 10" (from Toxic Reasons' "Noise Boys," one of those crucial songs back then -- and now).

To donate to the Jon Bunch Memorial Fund, go to:

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