Friday, July 15, 2016

Punk cuckoo’s nest: TSOL, Adolescents and CH3 hit the road

Jack from TSOL (Cat Rose photo)

SoCal punk phenoms TSOL and the Adolescents are currently tearing up foreign soil while CH3 will soon join the fray.

Hell, on Aug. 1, you can view the trio in all their glory at the Underground in Cologne, Germany, along with the mighty MDC and The Freeze.

Flag will add a kick to the punk stew in August, as well.

Here’s a handful of tour dates:

Adolescents (new album “Manifest Density” out now) —

July 15- IT- Distruggi la Bassa Festival - Rovereto/Ferrara
July 16- IT- Loud Summer Festival - Roma Acrobax
July 17- IT- Cagliari Beach Day Out Fest - Cagliari Poetto Corto Maltese
July 18- IT- Napoli TBC
July 19- IT- Firenze venue TBA
July 20- IT- Venezia TBC
July 21- SUI- TBC
July 22- SUI-Luzern, Sedel
July 23- GER- Schweinfurt, TBC
July 24- GER-Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
July 25- GER- Munchen Free and Easy Fest
July 26- AUT-Wien, Arena
July 27- CZE-Vyskov, Pod Parou Festival
July 28- GER- Berlin, Big Nuu.
July 29- GER- Nurnberg, TBC
July 30- NED-Amsterdam, Melkweg (w/ Flag, The Freeze, TSOL)
July 31- GER-Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (w/ TSOL, The Freeze)

Aug. 1- GER-Cologne, Underground (w/ The Freeze, TSOL, CH3, MDC)
Aug. 2- FRA- Paris, Unpleasant Meeting Festival (w/ TSOL)
Aug. 4- GER- Hamburg, Hafenklang
Aug. 5- GER
Aug. 7- GBR-Blackpool, RebellionAug. 6- BE
Aug. 8- GBR-London, Underworld (w/ Street Dogs)
Aug. 9- GBR-Brighton, Green Door Store
Aug. 10- GBR-Norwich, Owl Sanctuary
Aug. 11- GBR-Bristol, Fleece
Aug. 12- GBR-Winchester Boom Town Fair
Aug. 13- GBR- Leeds

Tony from the Adolescents (Cat Rose photo)

TSOL (new album “The Trigger Complex” out soon) —

July 15- GER-Glaubitz, Back To Future Festival w/ DOA
July 16- ITA-Rovereto, Distruggi La Bassa Fest
July 17- ITA-Milano, Lo-Fi Club
July 18- ITA-Pordenone, Rock Town
July 20- FRA-Montpellier, Secret Place
July 21- GER-Freiburg, Walfisch
July 22- CZE-Tabor, Mighty Sound Festival
July 23- AUS-Vienna, Arena
July 24- CRO-Zagreb, AKC Attack
July 25- GER-Munich, Backstage / Free And Easy Festival
July 26- GER-Osnabrück. Bastard Club
July 27- GER-Hamburg, Hafenklang
July 28- GER-Bremen,Lila Eule
July 29- GER-Berlin, Wild At Heart
July 30- NED-Amsterdam, Melkweg w/ Flag, Adolescents, The Freeze
July 31- GER-Wiesbaden, Schlachthof w / Adolescents

Aug. 1- GER-Cologne, Underground w/ Adolescents, MDC, CH3, The Freeze
Aug. 2- FRA-Paris, Gibus Club w/ Naked Aggression, Casualties, Total Chaos
Aug. 3- GBR-London, Underworld w/ The Dwarves
Aug. 4- GBR-Blackpool, Rebellion Festival w/ Flag
Aug. 5- BEL-Hasselt, Muziekodrom w/ Flag
Aug. 6- LVA-Ratnieki, Laba Daba Festival
Aug. 7- GER-Hünxe, Ruhrpott Rodeo w/ Flag

Mike from CH3 (Cat Rose photo)

CH3 —

July 28- GER-Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
July 29- ITA-Milano, LO-FI Club w/ Naked Aggression
July 30- ITA-Parma,Circolo Mu w/ GBH + Naked Aggression
Aug. 1- GER-Cologne, Underground w/ TSOL, Adolescents, MDC, The Freeze
Aug. 2- GBR-London, Underworld w/ Flag, A Wilhelm Scream
Aug. 6- GBR-Blackpool, Rebellion Festival w/TSOL, Naked Aggression, MDC

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