Saturday, December 3, 2016

RIP, Micky Fitz of The Business

Micky Fitz photo from a promo poster for "The Truth The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth"

By Andy

"Be yourself and you'll rule the day."

These words always ring true for me on The Business song "Never Say Never." And when sung by Micky Fitz, they make you want to stand up, shout and be proud of who you are. It's a crucial anthem, a pertinent song and one that everyone should possess in their musical arsenal.

When word spread that Fitz died on Dec. 1 after a long battle with cancer, I was gutted. We had lost one of us. He was 57.

Cat and I were fortunate to witness the Lewisham, South London Oi! unit live three times, and at each gig we were mesmerized by Fitz's energetic performance. With head held high, arms strongly held wide and a gleam in his eye, you could tell that Fitz was "all in" -- for the band and for the crowd -- and you were swept up in the moment. Watching Fitz made you feel confident in yourself, like you could tackle anything that came your way.

RIP, Micky.

"Micky was a man who spoke his mind - he was always quick with a joke and three steps ahead of you in a conversation. He was also one of the best mates you could ask for," reads a Facebook statement from The Business.

The Business message continues: "Everybody you speak to in the punk scene has their own Micky Fitz story, some of them more flattering than others as Mick didn’t pull any punches. He didn’t care what anybody thought of him and he always did things his own way. That is the thing about true characters - they have rough edges, they don’t fit into any box and they can be near impossible to deal with from time to time, but that’s what makes them so unique, it’s what makes them iconic, it’s what makes them special.

"There will never be another Micky Fitz.

"Our thoughts are with Mick’s family at this time, especially Kim and Jamie who have always been by his side through thick and thin.

"Finally thank you to Micky, for being relentlessly Micky Fitz, much loved and much missed.
Micky has requested no flowers. If you would like to do something to remember him, please make a donation to Cancer Research in his name at"

Photo courtesy of Derek Plank

Peter of Peter and the Test Tube Babies wrote on his band's Facebook page:
"It breaks my heart to hear the sad news about Micky Fitz dying. Like everyone else in our community i loved him and i for one am finding it hard to keep it together. Raising a glass to you Mick as i write this. What a fine bloke you were and how greatly you will be missed. A true punk legend who will never be forgotten because of the great songs The Business wrote, the way you performed and the outstanding all round man you were. I will miss you greatly and the tears are starting to well up. You were a legend Mick and you always will be."

On the Agnostic Front Facebook page:
"Our deepest condolences to the family of one of our heroes and a lifetime friend, RIP Micky Fitz ... Loud, Proud, & Punk!!! Nothing better than The Business!!! Our voice of a revolution... You will be truly missed but never forgotten!"

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