Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pure Punk Rock Fury: Seattle’s 10-band marathon | Part Two, The Funhouse

Die Nasty (All Cat Rose photos)

So, we're back with another round of rippin' Seattle tunes. If you missed Part One of the 10-band extravaganza, we'll hit repeat on the following intro:

You gotta build up your stamina for nights like these. You know, jog from the car to the club, and then rip through a couple jumping jacks or a few air punches before entering the fray.

When inside, knock down a beer, a Red Bull or a cup of coffee and you should be set to kick off your evening.

Cuz it’s not that often when you’re treated to a full-tilt, 10-band night. It was billed as Pure Punk Rock Fury, and we got that — some unhinged thrashy rock was offered up as well — as we skanked from one stage to the other during the 5 1/2-hour marathon gig last Saturday night at The Funhouse and El Corazon in Seattle.

Throughout the course of the night, guitar strings were attacked, vocal chords were shredded, cameras were clicked, boots were stomped and backs were patted by friends greeting each other or giving props to band members after they exited the stages.

People were clearly stoked to attend this gig. It was one for the ages and showed that Seattle’s got a damn good punk scene that we should all be proud of.

So, here’s Part Two of photographer Cat Rose’s night of shooting all 10 bands. Here, we bring you The Funhouse action.






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