Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dinosaur Jr. guys pound out some tunes with former Laughing Hyenas, Necros members in San Francisco

Fans who showed up for a Dinosaur Jr./Easy Action gig last night in San Francisco were blasted back to the past, Laughing Hyenas- and Necros-style.

At The Regency Ballroom, Easy Action singer John Brannon and bassist Ron Sakowski -- both former Hyenas -- were joined on stage by J Mascis and Todd Swalla -- another ex-Hyena -- to jam on "Everything I Want." Before the song began, Brannon yelled out, "This one's for Larissa!" in reference to Larissa Strickland (RIP), the Hyenas' guitarist.

Prior to that, Lou Barlow -- along with Swalla, Sakowski and Mascis -- tore into the Necros' "Reject." Swalla and Sakowski are, of course, former Necros.

Video courtesy of Dan Kashkooli. Thanks!

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