Friday, May 4, 2018

Rest in Peace, Tony Kinman

Tony Kinman, left. (Iloki Records, Triple X Records; Flipside photos)

By Andy

Bass-player and low-end vocalist extraordinaire Tony Kinman passed away from cancer this morning at his home in Sylmar, California.

The member of The Dils, Rank and File, Blackbird and Cowboy Nation was 63 years old.

I recently spoke with his brother Chip about his band Ford Madox Ford. Tony produced the punk-rocked blues unit's new album and Chip enthusiastically discussed his big brother's involvement with the group.

Here's an excerpt from that article:

Although Tony is not a member of the band with his younger brother like was in the Kinmans' former groups, he contributed to the album in the producer's role.

"It's OK not having him on stage. I know he's there in spirit and I always kind of carry that around with me. I just can't discard the Chip-and-Tony thing, and plus I've still got a relative in the band, Dewey Peek is my son, so it's still a family affair," Chip said of the 21-year-old guitarist.

Tony was an invaluable wizard in helping the guys put the album together and he's even played a song or two with them at gigs.

"Tony's got great ears and he's really smart and he's got a really clear vision. He was able to get to the real performance. Tony's always been brutally honest with me: one of his most famous quotes is, at rehearsal once, we played a song, and he said, 'Well, Chip, that was pretty good, now make it sound like music.' Oh, my god," Chip said, laughing away again, and adding that after Peek laid down 15 guitar tracks, Tony would remember exactly where the top ones were on the tape that best connected with the song and implemented them into the Ford Madox Ford musical landscape.

From "I Hate the Rich" with The Dils to "Amanda Ruth" with Rank and File and beyond, the Kinmans have dug their hands into copious musical styles.

They've also maintained a tight relationship that would make most brother bandmates envious. Their musical and personal trek is far from perfect, but it's been, well, real and honest.

Chip said: "We had a vision and we really enjoy playing with each other, so our relationship's always been good. Nothing really weird, no weird Everly Brothers stuff or those guys in Oasis. We've always been close."

RIP, Tony.

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