Saturday, June 22, 2019

Buildings Pummels Seattle Crowd

Buildings in Seattle. (All Cat Rose photos)

In three degrees of separation of Die Kreuzen, you get one smasher of a Thursday night.

Buildings from Minneapolis barreled onto our radar via the band Volunteer, featuring Martin Defatte, who runs the Die Kreuzen web site, which houses a few of our entries. Since Buildings and Volunteer from Milwaukee share a split 12-inch, the links are secured. And our ears are pulverized.

So, Buildings were a crucial part of the paint-peeling crew on the helpless walls of the Black Lodge in Seattle on June 20. We also caught Portland's Ssold and locals Glose, but had to bail before locals Haunted Horses because it was a "school night." Plus we had to pull the power drill out our skulls before getting to sleep.

Here's Cat Rose's photos from the evening:




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