Saturday, January 25, 2020

Hot Water Music unleashes 'No Division' in Seattle

Hot Water Music in Seattle. (All Cat Rose photos)

A palpable fervor filled the air, even before the first chord rang out.

People were eager to let their voices roar in tandem with the guys in Hot Water Music, who were celebrating their 25th anniversary by ripping through "No Division" in full on Jan. 17 at the Crocodile in Seattle. (They played "Caution" in its entirety the night before.)

When the floodgates were blasted open and the prodigious musicianship and meaningful songs were unleashed on the crowd, there was no going back.

"Live your heart and never follow!"

As the crowd settled in tight, the intensity heightened as each song sprung forth and people could be seen nodding their heads and lightly pounding their chests while singing along. If you knew the songs by heart, you were right at home and surely exited the venue even more enlightened to the core than ever.

"We'll find our own way home. And sing out every song we know. No one can keep us down."

Broadway Calls and the always reliable Heiress kicked things off and set the stage perfectly for Hot Water Music's engaging set, which also featured 10 additional songs from their vast catalogue.

Here's Cat Rose's photos from the night:




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