Monday, January 27, 2020

RIP, Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity

Andy with Woody, left, and Reed, right, of Corrosion of Conformity in 2012 in Seattle. (Cat Rose photo)

By Andy

RIP old friend, Reed Mullin. You called me on the phone out of the blue in 1983 to discuss COC and No Labels, then stayed at my house in Redondo Beach with COC numerous times, and we shared many good conversations and laughs over the years. I could always count on an "Ange!!!" when I arrived or pointing me out in the crowd and announcing that I was there during shows. I'm so glad we had dinner together a few years ago in Seattle and caught up with each other's lives. I miss you :(

Here's an excerpt from my interview with Reed in 2012 --- kinda sums him up.

--Just seeing you guys doing this, and watching you guys all these years, you guys make me happy.

It's funny you say that-- the last couple batch of shows we did with Clutch, it was almost every night I had somebody, some kid, some person who maybe hadn't seen us before, say 'You are the happiest drummer I've ever seen... I mean, you're intense, you're playing hard, but you seem so happy, what's going on up there?'

Reed's masterful musicianship, vivacious personality and friendship elevated us all. He made you feel like you were part of something special. A piece of him will live on with us, always.

Cat Rose photo, 2012 in Seattle.

Andy photo, 1984 in Hollywood.

Cat Rose photo, 2011 at the Maryland Deathfest.

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