Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Full speed ahead: Dischord Records to reissue first six EPs as box set

Photo from the Dischord Records website.

By Andy

Has it really been 40 years since our trusty mailman wearing a pith helmet delivered several Dischord Records EPs to our Redondo Beach, CA, home? I bought the first Minor Threat EP at Zed Records in Long Beach, and the others (The Teen Idles, SOA, Government Issue, Minor Threat's second offering and Youth Brigade) all arrived in the mailbox weeks after our mom wrote checks for $2.50 each to the Dischord crew in Washington DC. My brother Ed and I couldn't have been more stoked with the roaring tuneage swirling around our bedroom.

The six gems will be reissued in their original 7” vinyl format and sold together as the Dischord 200 box set at $50 a pop through pre-order only at http://boxset.dischord.com/ from now until June 11. They've been remastered with sleeves and lyric sheets reproduced from the original art, and a 12-page booklet will accompany the set. It is estimated to be released at the end of 2021.

Inside, you'll get: Dischord # 1 - The Teen Idles “Minor Disturbance” 8-song EP; Dischord # 2 - SOA “No Policy” 10-song EP; Dischord # 3 - Minor Threat “Minor Threat” 8-song EP; Dischord # 4 - Government Issue “Legless Bull” 10-song EP; Dischord # 5 - Minor Threat “In My Eyes” 4-song EP; and Dischord # 6 - Youth Brigade “Possible” 7-song EP.

I know these records like the back of my hand, but they're a bit tattered from tons of runs around the old turntable. So, bring on a new batch, I say, and let's get reacquainted with these raging documents of DC hardcore history.

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