Thursday, October 25, 2012

A heavy duty hike up the Iron Mtn

Iron Mtn's Barry Cavener, left, Scott Carlson and Bill Tuck. (All Cat Rose photos)
Who needs a big crowd when you've got eight hands of doom pummeling your brain?

Iron Mtn gave us and a few others the pounding metal treatment on a recent frigid Sunday night at the Highline in Seattle. No vocals, just four instruments working their way up your spine and into the dark corners of your mind. These guys are a slay team supreme.

Making the trip up from LA were There's Something Hard in There buddy Bill Tuck (guitar), Barry Cavener (guitar), Paul Michael (drums) and Scott Carlson (bass/Moog).

Do yourself a favor and check out these fine lads at their Bandcamp page.

As always, here's some Cat Rose pics.

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