Sunday, August 18, 2013

You asked for it... You got it: Mudhoney live under the Space Needle

Mudhoney's Mark Arm. (All Cat Rose photos)

Talk about perfect timing.

Cat's best friend Bridget from high school and her boyfriend Greg visited us in Seattle on the same weekend when Mudhoney stormed the Mural Amphitheater, under the Space Needle. Cat and Bridget witnessed the wonders of Mudhoney several times back in the day in the Los Angeles area -- and it was time to rock out again last Friday.

Beach balls flew through the air and onto the stage. Mark Arm played slide guitar with one of the green-and-white objects. While singing with just the microphone, he leaped in the air for a perfect soccer head shot when one of the balls came near him. "Beach balls are really big this year," he wisecracked.

Fans of all ages dug the show... including a pair of senior citizens, one of whom pushed her friend in a wheel chair through the raucous crowd. Not sure if they had dementia or if they were actually into it. Hope they made it through unscathed to continue their journey.

As always, Cat Rose pics:

Steve Turner

Dan Peters
Guy Maddison

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