Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Revisiting Red Hare: Live and loud in Seattle

Red Hare's Joe Gorelick, Shawn Brown and Jason Farrell rage in Seattle. (All Andy photos)

Red Hare graced our blog with an interview in June, and now they're back starring in photos that Andy snapped at their stellar gig supporting Coliseum last night at the Highline in Seattle (Deadkill and Heiress opened). They blazed through their "Nites of Midnite" tunes plus Swiz's "Nine" -- killer.

Regular photographer Cat Rose took the night off, but Andy and our friend Scott were out in full force in her absence.

Dave Eight on bass.


  1. Nice pictures...how were the other bands?

  2. Hi there --- Deadkill and Heiress are excellent hardcore bands with their fast and slow styles, respectively. Unfortunately, I had to bail before Coliseum ... I heard they were great. We were using this entry as a companion piece to our Red Hare interview from June. Thanks for reading! --- Andy