Sunday, October 27, 2013

Welcome to Holy Grove's riff-wielding, pounding rock lair

Holy Grove in action. (All Cat Rose photos)

Yes friends, the strip mall rocked last Saturday night.

Flights Pub in Everett, WA was the spot... surrounded by a fabric store, a discount mart, a barber shop, a Thai restaurant -- you get the picture.

There weren't any to-go boxes, shopping bags or hair cuts on the docket for us. We were present to bang our heads to the walloping rock/fuzz anthems of Holy Grove, our pals from Portland. Also on the bill were Witchburn and Suction.

The Grove consists of vocalist Andrea Vidal, bassist Gregg Emley, guitarists Sam Boggess and Trent Jacobs and drummer Craig Bradford. Check 'em out at:

Cat Rose pics aplenty:

Holy Grove: Rock and Roll Champions

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