Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ron Reyes' tenure as Black Flag's singer is over

Ron Reyes with Black Flag in Seattle on July 19. (Cat Rose photo)

Black Flag's recent Australian tour -- titled "Hits and Pits" -- was probably less hits and more pits for singer Ron Reyes, who announced on his Facebook page today that he's no longer a member of the band. (He also gave us permission to relay this information to readers.)

Reyes wrote that on the final date of the tour on Nov. 24 at the Capitol in Perth, Greg Ginn's right-hand man Mike V -- who also sings for Ginn's Good for You -- walked on stage with two songs remaining, took the mic from his hands and told him to leave. He added that Mike V sang the remaining two songs.

While it may have been an odd way to end things, Reyes noted that he feels a great sense of relief that his time in the band is over.

Reyes said he saw the writing on the wall from the outset of the band's reformation in January of this year. Things didn't click fully music-wise and he feels the band fell short in delivering Black Flag-worthy performances.

There's a lot more to the story, like band discord and the whole Black Flag versus Flag thing.

You can read his note on our Facebook page:


  1. I feel bad for Ron, but in hindsight I am glad I skipped the show so that horrible memories of Black Flag didn't taint great memories of Flag being Black Flag.

  2. Hi Lew. We saw the show in Seattle and it was good in spots, but horrible in others. We support Ron-- he's a good guy. Ginn and his cronies are pure dross.

  3. Be sure to check out my other blog that has my concert reviews and compilation CDs that I put together.