Monday, April 14, 2014

OFF! kicks out the jams in Seattle

Dimitri Coats

Andy, text; Cat Rose, photos

OFF! is one of the most crucial bands out there nowadays.

They're a foursome unleashed with Ramones-Minor Threat ferocity and Minutemen-length songs. They're dynamic, passionate and humorous … what more could you wish for?

On Sunday night in Seattle at El Corazon, singer Keith Morris, guitarist Dimitri Coats, bassist Steven McDonald and drummer Mario Rubalcaba were spot-on from start to finish, blasting out tunes from their three albums, including songs from their latest, "Wasted Years."

McDonald n' Morris

Morris is just as vital as when I first saw him sing for the Circle Jerks at the Starwood in Hollywood in 1981. McDonald still rocks as hard as he did during a head-banging gig at the Cove Theater in Hermosa Beach in 1982.

Check 'em out on their current tour. You will be floored.


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