Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bl'ast! and Destroy!

Bl'ast! off in Seattle: Clifford Dinsmore, top, and Mike Neider, below.

Andy: text -- Cat Rose: photos

It would be too easy to let the expletives fly when describing the two gigs Bl'ast! rampaged through in Seattle over the weekend.

Irish writer Roddy Doyle once told a crowd at a book reading in Palo Alto that if you're gonna cuss, don't overdo it because it gets old after awhile. Use it to your advantage by placing it in the right spots, making the reader really feel your emotion instead of slathering it all around and becoming predictable.

So, here you've got Bl'ast! vocalist Clifford Dinsmore, guitarist Mike Neider, bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Joey Castillo really laying it on full bore ... just crushing it each night ... sweating profusely ... screaming to the hilt ... Bl'ast and Destroy!

Fuck yeah.

Nick Oliveri

Joey Castillo

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