Friday, June 13, 2014

'What Have We Wrought?' -- get this essential punk compilation

Darby Crash was never at a loss for words.

And here's a Germs gem after the band rages through "Out of Time," a rare live cut off the essential "What Have We Wrought?" compilation:

"Thank you … or fuck you. Whatever's proper in punk turk (talk)," he says sarcastically to the clapping crowd.

This tune is just one of 42 offerings from the vaults of Pat Fear (RIP) to benefit Mike Atta (RIP), both of whom passed away in recent months, for this comp. We suggest you track down this release to honor these two invaluable assets to the LA/OC punk scene and beyond.

In addition to Germs, Middle Class and White Flag tracks and a cool Raymond Pettibon cover, there's killer stuff from the Adolescents, Muffs, Big Boys, Fastbacks and many others.

Buy it here on cassette or vinyl:

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