Friday, May 22, 2015

Can't compete with The Rezillos

Fay Fife and Eugene Reynolds. (All Cat Rose photos)

Andy, text; Cat Rose, photos

Fay Fife and Eugene Reynolds are better than any dynamic duo on any planet.

C'mon... Fife strutting across the stage, giving her boots a workout while scowling and smiling at the crowd as the melodies spring forth into her microphone. That's badass.

And then you've got her partner in crime, Reynolds, swinging his body every which way, pointing at the punkers and grinning ear to ear while his gruff vocals fit perfectly side by side with Fife's.

That's The Rezillos for you. Kicking things off in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1976 and delivering their catchy and riveting tunes to Seattle's Studio Seven in 2015. They're still making it happen with a blend of the classics and a handful of infectious new songs that are, well, "Out of This World."

Also featuring Angel Paterson (drums), Chris Agnew (bass) and the rip-roaring Jim Brady (guitar), The Rezillos blasted through nine songs off the legendary "Can't Stand The Rezillos" album, including "Flying Saucer Attack," "Top of the Pops," "2000 A.D" and, of course, "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight."

Standouts from the new album "Zero" are "(Take Me to the) Groovy Room," "Animal" and the stunning "Nearly Human."

Other bands only wish they had songs this good.


  1. I keep missing that band when they come to the USA. Their lineup at PRB this weekend is awesome too. Glad you got to see them. Nice pics too!