Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Remembering The Ruts' Malcolm Owen

The Ruts -- Malcolm Owen, second from right. (Virgin Records publicity photo).

Gotta love The Ruts.

The intense vocals, the guitar, the punk, the rock, the reggae, the dub .... it's all insanely stellar. And Ruts DC ... "Animal Now" is brilliant.

Thirty-five years ago today, Ruts singer Malcolm Owen passed away, and surviving member Segs wrote this on the Ruts/Ruts DC Facebook page today:

Although I think of Malcolm (and Foxy) at every gig Ruts DC do and indeed at many other times, this past year has been even more intensely charged with memories. 

Indeed Malcolm is often in my thoughts and has always turned up in my dreams - as did Paul the other night in one of Ruffys.

We can't really express how much of an impact these two had on us in our relatively brief period together and I think reading the book Love in Vain has brought it home even more.

So - on this day - the anniversary of Mr. Owen's death - I am remembering them both with Love and Respect 

Keep on shining. 


Another entry on the band's Facebook page today:

Today as with most days in the Ruts household & HQ, we remember Malcolm. On this day that he passed back in 1980, aged just 25 - we just want to celebrate his life. Its comforting to see his spirit live on, through the music, the fans and in each other .. lets all give him love now ... RIP Malcolm & Foxy whose with you too .. thinking of you both more than ever .. Happy Malcolm Day to you.

You can purchase Roland Link's book "Love in Vain" at: http://www.kickinguparacket.com/

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